Beyond The Beer

We love the granular details of craft beer; not only all of the component pieces around different styles, ingredients and flavours but also the culture that surrounds it, and the personalities that colour it.

That’s what we’ll share with you here, content that takes you beyond the beer and immerses you in craft beer culture.

Tasting the Voodoo Ranger Hazy IPA with Rhi
Malt Shovel Garage 11 March 2022
With notes of passion fruit and freedom, American Haze is a supremely drinkable, juicy, and unfiltered session IPA brewed with all-American hops. 
New Belgium Brewing - Voodoo Ranger IPA
Malt Shovel Garage 14 April 2021

In this video,  Paul brings you the New Belgium Brewing Voodoo Ranger IPA