Beyond The Beer

We love the granular details of craft beer; not only all of the component pieces around different styles, ingredients and flavours but also the culture that surrounds it, and the personalities that colour it.

That’s what we’ll share with you here, content that takes you beyond the beer and immerses you in craft beer culture.

Panhead Running On Empty
Malt Shovel Garage 29 September 2021
Rhi takes us through the newest release from Panhead Custom Ales, the Running On Empty Pacific Pale Ale.
Crafty Combos For Chrissy Feasts
Craig Brown 09 December 2020
When it comes to thinking about Chrissy dinner, I want the table to feel alive with flavour...
How To Pair Craft Beer & BBQ Food
Malt Shovel Garage 30 October 2020
BBQ season is finally here and one thing I think we can all agree on is just how good it is to get outside in the open air...
Limited Release: Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Raspberry Sour
Malt Shovel Garage 20 October 2020
Miro presents our latest limited release, the Brooklyn Brewery Bel Air Raspberry Sour
Beer Ingredients With Lofty
Malt Shovel Garage 08 October 2020
In this video, Lofty goes through the key ingredients in beer